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THE FEED (2010)

Directed by Steve Gibson
Written by Steve Gibson, Matt Edens, and Jon Nunan
Starring Seth Drick, Chip Facka, Brianna Healey, Jody Horn, Lloyn Kaufman, Melissa Mabus, Sam Nelsen, Andrew Shaffer, and Scott Stieler
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If you’re a fan of GHOST HUNTERS (one of my guilty pleasures), you probably had the notion that if something really paranormal occurred on those shows, the “experts” on the show wouldn’t know the first thing of what to do about it. For the most part, it’s guys walking around claiming to be experts in something that can’t be explained. One of the things I like in this recent wave of “Ghost Hunter” style films is that it highlights how little these guys know and shows them as the bumbling geeks that they pretend not to be. In THE FEED, we have your typical band of Ghost Hunters: the leader, the cameramen, the tech guy, the medium, and we follow them as they investigate a haunted theater with a dark past. Though that dark past is literally projected early in the story, that doesn’t mean that THE FEED doesn’t have a lot of fun to offer.

What I liked about THE FEED is that this film plays it real. The crew scans around in the dark with night vision, there are technical difficulties right and left, and as soon as paranormal shit starts happening, they bumble around and into one another like ants in a shaken up ant farm. I loved it that right at the beginning, when something truly scary happens, the cameraman instantly wants to leave. To me, that seemed real. All the way until the end, as one lone guy is left panting, screaming, and running for his life, THE FEED is probably more on par with reality than the actual reality shows.

Another fun aspect of THE FEED is that they treat the film as if it were a real live broadcast with fake commercials and everything, my favorite being Lloyd Kaufman’s late night legal commercial. Though at times the actors aren’t on par with the requirements of the script, there’s a lot to like about THE FEED if you’re a fan of those ghost hunting shows. There are some genuinely frightening moments throughout. Though this found footage trend seems to be running its course, THE FEED proves that there’s still some fun to be had with the genre.

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