Written & directed by Jonathan Martin
Starring Wendy Macy, Michele Wilson, Missy Hill, Rex Macy, Sue Rowe, Alivia Lionelli, Gary Reimer
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A cackling hag, a creepy limping child, and a bad toothed clown. One of those elements alone could make for a scary movie experience. This little half hour short sports all three. AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER has all of the right elements of a great scary yarn: a teenage babysitter is told to housesit and check in on the ailing mother upstairs. Seems like easy money for the teen. Seems like the perfect set-up for horror to those watching.

This shortie is high on camp, but the production values of this one make it view like a full scale production. Writer/director Jonathan Martin relies a lot on age-old creepy visuals here, but backs it up with a fantastically dramatic score and gorgeous lighting and camera shots. This is a professional looking flick and one that will make you wince in your chair more than once while watching.

You can watch AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER on Youtube here!