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Directed by Mariano Cattaneo
Written by Mariano Cattaneo
Starring Ezio Massa, Daniel de la Vega, Simon Ratziel, Galit Gurovich, Melisa Fernandez, Dany Casco & Andrés Borghi
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When the Argentinian film INCIDENT begins you can’t help but think of REC, and in fact, it turns out to be a lot like that film the longer it goes, with one distinction. Whereas that film had a plucky protagonist screaming through the hallways and stairwells of a singular apartment running from possessed rabies infected monsters, INCIDENT is a much more elaborate film which has its own accomplishments and pitfalls utilizing a similar first person POV storytelling device. I’m a fan of found footage films, but after sitting through this type of film for the hundredth time, I can’t help but be a bit weary when I see the old shaky cam used yet again.

INCIDENT starts out in a truly effective and ominous scene as a police inspector says that what we are about to see if real footage, uncut, as it happened. The sincerity and fear in this man’s voice add a lot to the tension of the film as we cut to a series of silent security cams detailing a murderous rampage of one man as he kills an entire factory full of workers one by one. This scene plays out in real time, switching from one camera to the next, following one creepy man filled with a lust for blood. The final scene as the murderer walks across the screen followed by what appears to be an unearthly black shadow is nightmarish and absolutely terrifying.

Cut to some time later, and a television team returns to the scene of the crime with a reporter, a crew, and a spiritualist. Soon everything goes to hell again with folks becoming possessed by evil spirits unsettled by the spiritualist. What differentiates INCIDENT from REC, though, is that INCIDENT is more realistic. There is no reporter narrating the events as they go down. The cameraman gets separated from the group and a lot of the film is his harrowing journey through the labyrinthine corridors of this factory building, never knowing if he’s going to run into a possessed person and not knowing what is going on with the rest of the group. Much of the film is without dialog and though it might make for a difficult time viewing, a lot of the times, it seems the cameraman forgets he’s holding a camera and just balls-out runs from these creatures in real fear. Again, although this doesn’t make for the most clear of shots, it’s a much more realistic take on this genre than the camera work often seen in these films that just happen to capture the events as they go down.

Another check in the plus category for INCIDENT is that the possessed are truly gruesome looking and are less the infected REC/28 DAYS LATER variety monster and more so an homage to the looks of the EVIL DEAD with seemingly burned eyes and clear irises being their main trait. INCIDENT is a brutal and graphic found footage film that packs a lot of scares. Though not wholly original and the camera is shaky as all get out, there are enough surprises to make it stand out in the found footage sub-genre.

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