Available on DVD from Chemical Burn Entertainment


Directed by David Gaz & Alex Vazart
Written by Michael Albanese, Kevin Poore & David Gaz (creator)
Starring Kai Blackwood, Jymie Darling and Father Mike

I usually hate reality shows. They represent the lowest form of entertainment to me. I’m sure there is someone out there with a passion for the shows who hates horror, so I guess that makes the whole world even. I guess I’m lying a bit, I do love GHOST HUNTERS and the paranormal shows like it, so I guess there are a few reality shows I can stand. Not necessarily a reality show, per se, I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL could very well be one if a few tweaks were made to it. The show is a documentary featuring sad creatures that are willing to give up their very soul in order to attain success. Now there are those who would say that if you have to give up your soul to be successful, there really isn’t much talent in you in the first place. Then again, we do live in the day and age of non-celebrities who do nothing but flash their beaver and plop out a litter of kids to be called stars, so someone selling their soul to be a star isn’t something too out of the ordinary. I’m contradicting myself left and right today in this review…

Turns out, I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a while. Following personable yet somewhat reprehensive sad sack Kai Blackwood, a singer in a metal band who is nearing forty and never attained the fame he wanted, the film follows him every step of the way as he consults an occult expert (a somewhat creepy yet very educated Jymie Darling) on how to do this soul-selling correctly.

Following Kai through this elaborate process was engrossing and as the day of the ritual approaches, directors David Gaz and Alex Vazart amp up the intensity culminating in a nighttime black arts ceremony. More of a comment on the sad state of our times and how everyone wants to be a superstar, I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN is a frightening documentary, more because of the people who are lining up to do the deed than the dark arts practiced in the rituals. This is a fantastic genre documentary that should be sought out with a nice ending that will leave you questioning whether the ritual was a success or not.

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