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Directed by Filip Tegstedt
Written by Filip Tegstedt
Starring Peter Stormare, Thomas Hedengran, Dylan M. Johansson, Tintin Anderzon, Viktoria Sätter, Sandra Larsson
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MARIANNE is a moody and somber ghost story that takes its time with the scares, but delivers in full by the very end. Those who appreciate a slow burn in their films will get a lot out of MARIANNE. Thisis for the most part, a touching drama about the loss of a loved one and how that effects those who live on.

Director Filip Tegstedt’s attention is definitely on style for the most of this film. The narrative is pretty simple. A woman dies. Her husband and two daughters (one a teenager, one an infant) mourn her loss. The husband Krister (played by the somber Thomas Hedengran) is haunted by nightmares. When it is suggested he visit a therapist, played by Peter Stormare in a restrained role, the therapist thinks Krister is suffering from grief and anxiety over the loss. Turns out there might be a vengeful ghost at work here. Tegstedt holds back from showing too much of this ghost and cleverly peppers in some strange shadows, pale fingertips, and scratching sounds throughout the story. Much of the rest of the film are extended takes on landscapes and silent frames of people mourning their loss. Tegstedt doesn’t allow this to get boring though with fascinatingly melancholic imagery and a fittingly sorrowful soundtrack. Though occasionally I forgot I was watching a ghost story and thought I was watching a music video, the director does a great job of fleshing out these characters though scene and song.

Krister’s nightmarish encounters with the ghosts are enough to make this film one scary treat. But the scares are more along the lines of DON’T LOOK NOW ookiness than your usual modern fright flick. MARIANNE is a gorgeous and chilling throwback by a director with an eye for atmosphere and tone. The ghost scenes are absolutely horrifying and filmed with a real sense of dread and terror, as if you yourself are being woken in the night to experience these scares with our main character. This is definitely not the feel good ghost story of the year, but though it takes its time with them, MARIANNE delivers a lot of scares of the highest caliber.

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