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MUCKMAN (2009)

Directed by Brett Piper
Written by Brett Piper & Mark Polonia
Starring Alison Whitney, Steve Diasparra, AJ Kahn, Danielle Donahue, Ken VanSant & The Muckman as himself

I wasn’t expecting much when I fired MUCKMAN into my dusty old DVD player, but dammit if this little riff on monster hunting shows didn’t entertain the hell out of me. Being a fan of those shows probably helped. The story isn’t breaking new ground, but the actors are capable enough and the monsters are fun, making MUCKMAN better than most stuff you’ll see on SyFy. I know, given the crap SyFy will air, that doesn’t sound much like a compliment, but is a good yet breezy way to waste a few hours if you’re in the mood for an old school monster flick.

The story follows a has-been monster tracker host in search of the elusive Muckman, a Bigfoot type monster rumored to be roaming the swamps of a small hick town. The host was humiliated on a live show when his up close encounter with the Muckman turned out to be a drunk camera assistant in a bad monster costume. Seeking to redeem himself, he sends out a new team of investigators to track the real Muckman. Initially this is supposed to be another hoax with a better monster costume, but the real muck monster shows up unexpectedly.

The film boasts a cast of unknowns, but all of them do a pretty good job here with most of the comedy working well. The three lead actresses are really strong here, delivering convincing, albeit semi-dimensional performances from the script they were given.

Not really blazing too many new trails when it comes to Bigfoot-style movies, MUCKMAN does have a great man-in-suit monster and also boasts some cool stop motion effects toward the end. The film uses every old school, low budget effect from backwards filming to stop motion in order to offer up an old school romp that will definitely make you smile and remember monster movies from a simpler time.

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