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Directed by Joey Evans
Written by Joey Evans
Starring Renee Wiggins, Larry Jack Dotson, Dana Wokas, Scott Evans, Audrey Elizabeth Evans, Shane Land, Christopher Cassarino
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You don’t see too many no budget sci fi flicks, mainly because the genre requires so much effects and production that it makes it very difficult to do so. But if the filmmaker is smart, he or she can make something that works. ALIEN ZOMBIE INVASION borrows a lot from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, in that it swipes the premise of an alien invasion causing the dead to rise. But instead of Vampira, the Count, and Tor Johnson rising from the grave, in ALIEN ZOMBIE INVASION we get a bunch of zombies. So in the end, this is more of a zombie flick than a bonafide sci fi joint, with the space age stuff only used to describe the cause of all of the horror going on. But as far as zombie films are concerned, this low budgeter is actually worth investigating.

Writer/director Joey Evans does a good job of establishing a few interesting characters right off the bat; mainly a Dane Cook looking hunter who communicates via walkie talkie with his father who sits safely in a sniper tower. The rapport between these two characters is what drove the film for me. It was nice to see a father and son team work together to take on the waves of zombies. The pair work well together, bickering occasionally, but Evans writes some decent dialog which pops up between firefights. A quartet of clueless campers are also on the scene, but I found their parts less interesting compared to the father and son team (especially one camper who looks a bit too much like Jennifer Aniston…and knows it by aping almost every one of her quirks, speech patterns, and moves).

Another plus for ALIEN ZOMBIE INVASION is that it sports one of the sexiest zombies I’ve ever seen, leading into one of the most arousing and (I’ll say it) romantic zombie sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Though filmed on the budgetary low, this little indie flick aims high and never winks at the camera or takes pokes at the genre. The script is fun, the love for the genre is ever present, and writer/director Evans seems to have something new to say about zombies here as well. ALIEN ZOMBIE INVASION has a lot going for it and I highly recommend open-minded indie horror-philes to check it out.

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