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Directed by Jake West
Written by Jake West
Starring Emily Booth, Samuel Butler, Jennifer Evans, Jamie Honeybourne, Peter McNeil O’Connor, Nick Smithers, Jodi Shaw, Chris Adamson, Eden Ford, & Norman Lovett

The romp is one of those descriptors that is often tossed around pretty freely in reviews. It usually indicates that there is little to be taken seriously about the film, yet it’s funny enough to warrant a view. EVIL ALIENS would be considered a romp but the talent in the script and direction from Jake West and the fun cast elevate it a bit higher than just that.

West steadies his camera on a team of reality filmmakers in search of UFOs. Lead by the nummy Emily Booth, the team at first think this is your typical investigation, but soon find that the aliens they are looking for are real. And not only that. They’re evil.

The title says it all here. These aliens aren’t just evil; they’re assholes. They kill cows for the hell of it, impregnate women, and toy with believers and non-believers alike. This film is completely aware of its own insanity and like a pig in slop plays around with conventions established in X-FILES and the billion paranormal investigation shows out there now from start to finish. West definitely tips his hat to filmmakers such as Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson with his manic use of uber-violence and gore (the combine tractor chasing the evil aliens through the cornfield being the highpoint for me), all the while injecting the comical sensibilities one might see in SPACED or MONTY PYTHON.

Yes, the aliens themselves look like Alien/Predator knockoffs and some of the one out of three jokes plop flat rather than dazzle, but for the most part, you aren’t going to find a more pleasing alien splatter fest out there. Jake West has an eye for clever humor through a dumbed down slapstick lens. Like the best Monty Python skits, which seem so inane, there’s a genius behind EVIL ALIENS that many other filmmakers reach for but never attain.

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