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Directed by Stuart Stone
Written by Adam Rodness & Stuart Stone
Starring Hannah Gordon, Mike Taylor, Umed Amin, Maaor Ziv, Jason J. Thomas, Derek Christoff, Andy Dynes, Austin Duffy, Sammi Barber, & Poe the Crow!

Having grown up in the Midwest, I have a special spot in my dark heart for cornfield horror, SCARECROWS (not to be mistaken for 1988 film with the same name) is full of clichés and time-worn turns, but still manages to entertain due to a quick pace, some solid gore, and a few twisted narritive turns.

A group of college kids decide to get drunk, high, and go fooling around in a cornfield on the outskirts of town. You know, the stuff kids do in horror films. Not knowing that the farmer has a penchant for stringing up hapless victims on crosses and raising them in his cornfield as living scarecrows.

Instead of having scarecrows awaken from their slumber, which is the usual route scarecrow horror films go, SCARECROWS 2017 goes the more traditional slasher route. Kids make bonehead decisions like going off on their own to take a crap, investigate strange sounds, and of course, make out and get drunk, making it easy for the evil farmer to pick them off one by one. Anyone who has seen a single FRIDAY THE 13TH film will be screaming at their TV at the idiotic moves these kids make as the story goes on in order to raise the body count. I will say that these kids are dispatched quite gruesomely with their lips sewn shut and their bodies left to dehydrate and be pecked apart by crows in the middle of the cornfield. The absolutely bleak ending is also well done, leaving one with a true sense of terror as the credits roll.

I can’t say I saw anything new with SCARECROWS, but I was never bored. Despite the fact that the players seem like they’ve never seen a horror movie in their life, the film moves at an active clip and actually has a few one-liners that made me laugh quite a bit. This film recently gained a bit of notoriety as it seems to have inspired some kids to take drugs and go wandering in cornfields. I don’t know if this is true, coincidence, or just hype to sell the movie, but it does give a bit of real-world heft to it.

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