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Directed by Kevin James Barry
Written by Evalena Marie, Kevin James Barry
Starring Jonathan Thomson, Dan Liebman, Evalena Marie, Michael Reed, Nick Apostolides, Bobby Kenney, Sarah Nicklin, Bernie Hutchens, John Mosetich
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AMONG THEM is more of a crime story with TWILIGHT ZONE-esque weirdness than straight up horror. The film is nice and moody and contains some very grounded and nuanced performances from its cast.

Two of a three man operation make it back to their drop off point after a robbery that doesn’t go exactly as planned. When Harry (Jonathan Thomson) and Mick (Dan Liebman) arrive at their seedy hotel room, they find a woman tied to the toilet. Not knowing why she is there or what’s going on and noticing that their drip bag has no passports or tickets for escape, they contact their operator who tells them to stay put. As the pair wait, they slowly go mad as tensions and paranoia rise and something is definitely off about this room they are staying in.

The biggest thing I took away from AMONG THEM is the performances from Thomson, Liebman, and Evalena Marie who plays the woman found in the room. All three actors are extremely talented and elevate AMONG THEM to a much better film. It’s a simple film where everything relies on the performances to propel the story and these actors are definitely fit for the task. I especially liked Jonathan Thomson who has a tough guy look and attitude, but is able to inject some surprising vulnerability to his role as Harry, the more wizened of the two thieves. His performance is the best of the three very capable ones.

The story itself is a good one, though one that has played out many times in film and television. As soon as I identify which TWILIGHT ZONE episode it seems to be paying homage to, I think it reveals too much, so I’ll refrain from doing so. I will say that the twist works and director Kevin James Barry makes this descent into madness and despair incremental and full of tension. While there are repetitious scenes and I think the film might need a tighter edit, AMONG THEM really does deliver a potent, slightly paranormal crime story.

AMONG THEM is a low budgeter, but the performances and quality of the story rise it up past its budgetary limitations. It’s worth a look-see for those who like psychological angst and other-worldly oddity sprinkled into their crime stories.

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