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A NUN’S CURSE (2020)

Directed by Tommy Faircloth
Written by Tommy Faircloth
Starring Erika Edwards, Damian Maffei, Gunner Willis, Kristi Ray, Jason Vail, Ashley-Kae Luker, Michael James Daly, Sean Krumbholz, & Felissa Rose as Sister Monday!

Is it bad that I liked this low budget slasher more than the multi-million dollar Blumhouse stinker THE NUN?

Don’t care. Like it I did.

A NUN’S CURSE is not a good movie by any standards, but unlike the soulless THE NUN, it’s heart is in the right place. Filmmaker Tommy Faircloth was the man behind the 90’s slasher CRINOLINE HEAD, and more recently low budgeters FAMILY POSSESSIONS and DOLLFACE. In A NUN’S CURSE, he tosses a quartet of twenty-somethings on a roadtrip and has then take a detour to an abandoned prison when the group loses their keys and inclement weathers forces them to take shelter. Once there, the most inquisitive of the group Ashley-Kae (played by the very Jan Brady-esque Erika Edwards) begins telling stories about Sister Monday (SLEEPAWAY CAMP’s Felissa Rose) who was said to have murdered inmates who didn’t repent their sins to God. With the group wandering around the abandoned prison alone, how much do you wanna bet they run into the ghost of ol’ Sister Monday?

While it doesn’t have the production values, the top tier cast, and the effects budget, A NUN’S CURSE bests THE NUN in sheer passion for the genre alone. The setup is pretty much the same as a million and one other horror films and mostly reminded me of my recent rewatch of THE UNNAMABLE. The humor is hokey and forced and basically and everyone seems to hate each other, but there does seem to be some actual camerawork at play here. Though it’s low production, there is some effort in making this look moody and atmospheric.

What impressed me the most was the fun had with the story towards the end as childhood psychosis mixes with the evil presence. There seems to have been some work done on making the ending unique and twisted and it actually succeeds in being just that. While the film lacks in creative kills, there is a dark mood throughout and in the fright makeup Felissa Rose makes for a terrifying monster-nun. It makes up for the scenes where Rose simply wears a nun’s habit as the heavy eye makeup and spray tan doesn’t really make for a convincing nun.

Again, don’t go into A NUN’S CURSE expecting something great. But you will get some harmless schlock if you take a chance on it. I had a livelier time with it than I did THE NUN.

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