As comic stores are getting closer to opening, don’t forget that you can still order PIROUETTE from Black Mask Studios from Diamond using order code APR201712. While the comics world has been put on hold at the moment, you still want something good to read once they do open, so call your comic shop and tell them you want a copy of my circus horror comic PIROUETTE collecting never before released issues of the series with phenomenal art by Carlos Granda, colors by Champe Ramirez, and letters by Jim Campbell!

And while you’re at it, ask for my other comic book series GRAVETRANCERS which was supposed to be out in April before the shutdown. Have your comic book store use order code FEB201597 to make sure you get a copy of this grungy and ghoulish ode to grindhouse horror with art by the amazing James Michael Whynot, colors by Dee Cunniffe, and again, letters by Jim Campbell!

If you come here for my reviews, you know my taste in horror and I tried to put that into my comics, so please support me by checking them out!