Here’s another comic book published by Black Mask Studios that I wrote. It’s called PIROUETTE and has gained quite an online following. The trade paperback of PIROUETTE with never before seen issues completing the series will be collected soon. With the world in crisis as it is, orders on the book have been suspended and the book will most likely be resolicited again soon. Here is the order number if you want to get the trade on your pull list once Diamond and the comics world reopens their doors; Order # APR201712.

The first issue was drawn by the amazing Carlos Granda, with colors by Champe Ramirez and El Comic en Linea Foundation, and letters, once again, by comics’ letterer extraordinaire Jim Campbell! The link to the first issue of PIROUETTE is below, if you like what you read, let your local comic shop know you want more and have them order this very special and long-anticipated comic!

Enjoy the first issue of PIROUETTE here!