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GET GONE (2019)

Directed by Michael Thomas Daniel
Written by Michael Thomas Daniel
Starring Lin Shaye, Robert Miano, Rico E. Anderson, Weston Cage Coppola, Bailey Coppola, Cory Crouser, Cord Adams, Adam Bitterman, Luke B. Carlson, Stefan Hayek, Gwyn LaRee, Tristan David Luciotti, Joel Macha, Michael McBee, Emily Shenaut, Silvia Spross, Bradley Stryker, Caitlin Stryker, John Henry Whitaker
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I go into every low budget movie with the hope that I’ll stumble on some rare gem that is overlooked and hinting at a long career in filmmaking for those involved. I try to be optimistic; not paying attention to budget, reminding myself that EVIL DEAD was made on the cheap. That’s how I went into GET GONE, which at face value might be mistaken as the hillbilly version of GET OUT—or at least the title is trying to lure you in as such.

In fact, it’s more like TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE as it centers on a hilljack family who is being forced off of their land by a corporation and the havoc they unleash when the surveyors and a ghost hunting crew happen to find their way onto the property. The results are a mixed bag of decent ideas, low budgets, hit and miss acting, and semi-capable filmmaking.

The film is pretty lousy. I’m not going to try to sugarcoat it. The script is cliched and tired. The lighting is awful, as if done by someone who simply doesn’t understand the craft. The directing lacks any type of style and the editing makes all scenes lack tension or suspense. The film isn’t scary and on top of all of that, it’s almost blood and goreless.

Still, Lin Shaye is trying her best to elevate things. She has a few decent scenes, but even they lack the scripting to deliver. She plays the matriarch of this Chainsaw family and it is only her bits of the film that have any heft. The rest of the cast are either not given anything interesting to say or are just bad actors. This includes Weston Cage Coppola and Bailey Coppola (Nic Cage’s son and nephew). I’m not sure which is which, but they both are playing from the Nic Cage unhinged notebook. They play brothers stricken with vitiligo, but it just looks like they have clown white makeup on their faces. There’s a third brother who crawls through a maze system inside of the house and jumps out at folks snarling and growling.

The incoherent final moments of GET GONE seems to indicate that no one really knew how to end this thing or even cared by that point with a montage of characters and an abrupt cut to black and a weird rap song as the wounded family wait to take on the police who are arriving shortly. I wish everyone who made this film well. They got it in the can and out there. But man, this is a stinker from top to bottom. Maybe if one of the Coppola kids take off, this might be an interesting film to revisit, but there’s really nothing about it I found redeeming.