Hey all! I have a big announcement to make. My comic book series PIROUETTE is being collected into a trade for the first time! As some of you know, the first few issues were published, but due to a few unexpected twists and turns, the entire story has yet to see the light of day…that is, until now!

Available in April’s Diamond Previews, PIROUETTE is available to order NOW! Please do me a solid and share this with your comic book stores! Have them order plenty of this well received, but overlooked comic with mouth-watering art from Carlos Granda, dazzling colors from Champe Ramirez, and letters from my go-to letterer Jim Campbell! It’s all brought to you by the maniacs at Black Mask Studios!

PIROUETTE is the story of a young clown with dreams the big top just can’t contain. Pirouette attempts to leave the circus to find her birth parents, but sinister forces are at work to hold her back. This is a story filled with spectacle and showmanship, dreams and nightmares, triumphs and tragedies! It’s horror under the big top and bright lights!
Let your comic shops know that PIROUETTE is available to order now in Previews (order number APR201712)! Your support will make or break this comic, so please remember to like and share this with everyone and anyone you know, and don’t forget to pick up a copy for yourself!