Hey folks, I wanted to remind folks that I have a trade paperback of my comic book miniseries GRAVETRANCERS available now to order from Previews. The trade is in stores in April, but you have to tell your comic book shop you want one now! I know, it’s a weird way to sell things, but that’s the way it works.

The story is about a pair of siblings who are in search of the grave of their estranged father and end up being caught up in a chaotic struggle for survival with a bizarre family who runs a corrupt cemetery that uses makes a highly addictive drug out of the recently deceased. It’s morbid stuff, but if you’re a fan of my site, my reviews, and the films I recommend, it’s going to be right up your alley.

GRAVETRANCERS features gonzo art from James Michael Whynot, dazzling colors from Dee Cunniffe, and monumental letters from Jim Campbell. All of it produced by my good friends at Black Mask Studios.

Follow the link here to order GRAVETRANCERS and be sure to tell your local comic shop to order plenty of them! Order code: FEB201597

Below is a promotional video I had put together with director Patrick Meaney to the song “Puppet” by the awesome Glass Lux. It features some of the cool art from the first issue.

And if you want more of the music that inspired GRAVETRANCERS, check out my Spotify Gravetrancers Black Mask Comic Playlist here!