Directed by Christopher Greffrath
Written by Christopher Greffrath
Starring Aleksander Many, Tyler Haber, Sean Haber
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There are an abundance of FRIDAY THE 13TH Fan Films out there of varying qualities. I’ve seen stuff filmed in the backyard with a camcorder but also have been surprised by low fi but hi quality films made by passionate fans who grow weary of the legal battles keeping a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film from being made. THE CABIN HE CALLS HOME is definitely the latter. This is a film made with both passion and talent and one that surpasses quite a few entries in the actual F13 series in terms of scares, mood, and execution.

Set in 1981, a trio of dudes are camping outside of Camp Crystal Lake. After the usual bullshit flinging that goes on between a bunch of guys is over, a dare is made to go to a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods that supposedly is the house of a killer. When one draws the unlucky straw, he heads out to the cabin, leaving the other two doubting why they are there and if their friend will chicken out before going to the cabin. But the cabin does exist and soon, these three campers find out that Jason exists too!

What works is that writer/director/musician Christopher Greffrath laces every second of THE CABIN HE CALLS HOME with a patient story, a spinetingling score, and some true shocking moments. While the short does deviate from the iconic Henry Manfredini music, Greffrath’s score is truly memorable and hits all the right beats in terms of building tension and punctuating a scene, yet still never overpowers the visuals as we often see in the BlumHouse jump scare fests. The final moments of THE CABIN HE CALLS HOME are both truly unique and still honors the shock endings of the early installments of the F13 series–a lot of the impact comes from the film’s masterful score and expert filming.

The acting is decent here too. It’s just a bunch of guys having fun in the woods. No heavy emoting is needed. Still, the acting is comfortable and believable from the trio of good old boys who just happen to cross paths with cinema’s most notorious masked killer. The actor playing Jason is never identified in the credits of the film, but whoever he is, does a damn fine job of aping the style of Steve Dash’s iconic portrayal of Jason from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2. This Jason doesn’t simply hack away with a machete. Instead he prefers his F132 tools–a pickaxe and pitchfork. More rustic and heinous tools, in my opinion. Also, this Jason runs, which is much more effective than the slow walking Jason or the teleporting Jason from the latter installments. There is some deadly urgency to the Jason portrayed here and it works damn well.

While this is a short film, clocking in around 20 minutes, it is a solid story throughout. With a moody and electric ending set against a thunderstorm, THE CABIN HE CALLS HOME is one of the true standouts in FRIDAY THE 13TH Fan Films. It looks as if this crew is putting together a Camp Forest Green Short Film next. Can’t wait to check it out as they did better than most pros with this one.

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