While it might not exactly be in the wheelhouse of horror, the story of Kenneka Jenkins is a truly devastating one. I have followed the news reports and read stories about the Chicago teen who attended a hotel birthday party and ended up frozen to death in a walk-in freezer since it made national news a while back. Being a Chicagoan myself, it was difficult not to hear about this case as it gained national attention, mostly due to the diligence of the Jenkins family to uncover the truth.

MTV and VH1 are simultaneously airing the premiere of their new series TRUE LIFE: CRIME from CATFISH creator Nev Schulman. Filmmaker and longtime MLMILLERWRITES reader Matthew Giaquinto directed this episode entitled “Tragic Accident or Calculated Murder: The Mysterious Death of Kenneka Jenkins.” Those interested in true crime stories should check out this series on MTV and VH1 which will be airing the premiere episode of TRUE LIFE: CRIME tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.