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CRYPSIS (2019)

Directed by Paul Anthony Rogers
Written by Paul Anthony Rogers
Starring Michael Armata, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Eddie Nason, Paul Anthony Rogers

A bunch of bros who look exactly alike and an Asian guy head out to an island for the night because of a dare or a bet (I guess?) and run into something like a Bigfoot but more like a Rake.

I’m not wasting too much time reviewing this film because obviously not much time was spent in writing, acting, or any other aspect of making this film. The cast all look and talk exactly alike—distinguishable only by the amount of facial hair they sport. Most likely they are all friends and made this film for shits and giggles over a few weekends. Still, none of them can act very well, making none of them interesting to follow for an hour and twenty. The script doesn’t really call for them to do much more than run around in the woods and occasionally argue with one another anyway. I lost count as to the amount of time these guys throw a hissy fit and begin pushing each other until another one of them yells at them to knock it off. That’s not conflict. That’s grammar school recess. Anything that resembles a plot is cliched stuff we’ve seen in millions of other horror movies before.

If there’s one redeeming factor in CRYPSIS is that the monster suit looks pretty dope. It’s a full body monster suit, no CG. The face seems to be articulated pretty well. It is as big as a Bigfoot, but hairless and three fingered which reminded me more of the Creepypasta about the Rake than anything else. Still, props to the effects guy. He’s the only guy earning his paycheck here.

I guess some of the other scenes are decently shot. I liked one of the scenes where the monster is running behind dude bro #2 and we can see it right over his shoulder making the monster look rather menacing. That’s not enough to save this film though. I’m ok with most low budget horror. I’m even more kind to Bigfoot films. But CRYPSIS is just a bunch of guys arguing in the woods and occasionally a monster pops up. The guys’ motivation is paper thin, and the monster’s is thinner. They try to pop in some kind of clever twist in the end, but by that time, most people will have checked out. I sure did. They really didn’t even try with the script. Or at least, didn’t try enough for my interest. This is a background noise film at best.