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G. Patrick Condon’s INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE (2018)

Directed by G. Patrick Condon
Written by G. Patrick Condon & Ross Moore
Starring M.J. Kehler, Michael Worthman, Kimberley Drake, Erin Mick, Meghan Hancock, Allison Moira Kelly, Patrick Foran, Stephen Lush, & Stephen Oates as G. Patrick Condon
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While the nineties kind of let out the air in the tires of the Meta-Horror bus, G. Patrick Condon decides to give the self-referential and self-aware subgenre a turbo fuel injection in INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE.

A struggling filmmaker G. Patrick Condon (who is actually the director of the film and played by actor Stephen Oates) pisses away a large sum of money given to him by a shady organization to fund his indie horror film. This leads him to do something desperate; in order to save his own life, he will have to end the lives of his actors. Setting up a fake movie set in a secluded house in the woods, a quintet of actors gather and receive direction from printers set up in their rooms. Locked inside the house with no contact with the outside world, the cast begin to suspect something is wrong with this production. And then the bodies start piling up.

Upon approaching INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE, I immediately thought I was in for a senseless bloodbath type film where the gore effects are sloppy, the acting is non-existent, the production value is garbage, and the story is a threadbare “homage” to the slasher genre. While this film most likely was filmed on a tight budget, that is the only thing of low value at play here. This is a smart, smart movie which sets up an interesting problem for the lead and then executes in a deliciously unique way that turns all expectations on its ear. Just when I thought I had this film figured out, it takes another clever turn or adds a scene that dissects filmmaking in a utterly unique way. From inserts of the auditions of the characters to channel flips to a TV show called CELEBRITY AUTOPSY, INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE takes apart the vapidity of acting and the pomposity of filmmaking in a meticulous manner.

The acting it top tier with M.J. Kehler doing a fantastic job as the fresh-faced non-actor who stumbles upon the job without a day of acting coaching. Michael Worthman plays Foster, an ambitious actor who takes a deep dive into insanity and gives method acting a very bad name. Pretty much everyone in this film is a fresh new face, showing true talent.

This is a true descent into madness film, and it would be interesting to find out what exact lengths went into getting these unhinged performances from this cast. Apparently, the cast were locked in a real house in the woods and not allowed to leave until they were killed off in the film. G. Patrick Condon follows an unconventional narrative that is full of surprises. I won’t give away any of the twists and turns, but this film flows like a whirlwind, looping in and out of the psyches of the “actors” and “filmmakers” involved, leaving them bare to reveal their corrupt souls underneath. INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE is a ruthless film that takes many chances that pay off brightly. While the film does have a few minutes of meandering during the last half hour, the unflinching way it comments on the film industry and human nature speaks volumes. The violence is there and it does get very intense, but what really makes INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE so incredible is its bravery to take us through treacherous twists and turns to the darkest parts of the soul. Highly recommended for those looking for something out of the ordinary.