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Directed by Abiel Bruhn, John Rocco
Written by Abiel Bruhn, John Rocco
Starring Elyse Dufour, Jack Champion, Jermaine Rivers, Amber Neukum, J. Benedict Larmore, Ben Barlow, Bailey Campbell, Joe Walz, Deanna Meske, Manny Sandow, Luna Devika, Victoria Graham, Alyx Libby, Scott Marche, Jazmine Yurtin

You’re going to find similarities to other films and you’re going to find that this film is made on a very low budget if you take a chance on THE NIGHT SITTER, but I found it to be a very fun ride worth taking despite all of that.

The stunning Elyse Dufour plays Amber, a spunky young gal with a plan; play babysitter for a rich guy so she can loot the place while the parents are gone and the kids are sleeping. The thing is, the house she is in belongs to a wannabe ghosthunter who has collected all kinds of occult relics and locked them in a secret room. When the room is opened and one of the relics is disturbed, three witches escape and Amber, the two kids she is babysitting, a group of her friends, and the freak next door must all unite to survive the night.

Take MCG’s surprisingly good THE BABYSITTER, add in a forbidden room filled with haunted items a la ANNABELLE COMES HOME, and a pace much like EVIL DEAD II and you’ve pretty much got THE NIGHT SITTER. The film moves at a brisk pace, filling the earlier moments with some foreboding moments and the attention absorbing Dufour. Once the paranormal stuff occurs, THE NIGHT SITTER doesn’t stop until the very end. It’s an endearing low fi shocker with some fun gore, a wicked tone, and some truly funny moments.

Ripping on the production isn’t really fair since this film was made on the cheap. Still, the lighting of THE NIGHT SITTER is very distracting. Setting the film during Christmas is a fun idea, but the holidays don’t actually hold any import to the story. It seems the Christmas theme was used because it would justify some gaudy red and green lighting. This makes for a somewhat ominous mood even in the quieter scenes, but the extreme clash between the lighting between green and red lights gives this film a cartoonish funhouse feel and takes away from some of the more serious parts. The lighting reminded me of a GOOSEBUMPS episode and I’m good with that, but it’s kind of jarring when the boobies come out, there are drug references, and gore a-plenty. It makes the whole thing feel a bit scattershot.

Elyse Dufour is someone you’ll definitely see again in bigger and better things. The manic pace and splooshy gore is going to satisfy the gorehounds. And while the plot is familiar, it still managed to make me laugh and leap. Set your expectations a bit lower and I think you’re going to find THE NIGHT SITTER something worth sitting through.