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Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook
Written by Liv Collins, Kevin Revie
Starring Liv Collins, Adam Seybold, Ry Barrett, Jessica Vano, Peter Collins, Jim Collis, Carrie Cathrae-Keeling, Barry More, Charles Ivey, Greg Collins, Dan Herrick, Justin Darmanin
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While zombie movies seem to be decaying away for a while, every now and then a worthwhile undead flick sneaks in. That’s the case with Jessee Thomas Cook’s DEADSIGHT, a small scoped yet potent run in with the dead.

Adam Seybold plays Ben, a patient who wakes up handcuffed in the back of an abandoned ambulance after an eye operation. After working himself free, Ben shuffles his way about the countryside desperately trying to survive the zombie pocked landscape without the use of his sight to rely on. Meanwhile, along the same stretch of road, a pregnant rookie cop named Mara (Liv Collins – who also co-wrote the film) attempts to do her patrol and wonders why no one is answering the radio. Soon the two survivors find themselves converging on the same farmhouse and with the baby on the way, the hapless couple attempt to simply survive the zombie apocalypse.

Boiled down to simplicity, DEADSIGHT works in that it really doesn’t reach for the stars in terms of size and scope. It simply follows these two survivors as they try to make do with the situation they are in. With most zombie stories going for cultural relevance, a political statement, or a soap opera award, it’s refreshing to see such a film simply going through the basics in terms of zombie survivalhood. The pace is rather show, but there are definitely strong moments of tension and this film definitely made me just quite a few times. The gore is at a minimum as well, though the zombies are well designed in a true gnarly fashion with all sorts of pustules, black blood frothing from their mouths, and bulging white eyes. This makes for some gruesome looking zombies.

The likelihood that this pair would actually survive in this world is a stretch. I can’t walk across the room at night without life-threateningly stubbing my toe and it’s doubtful that a police officer so late in term would be allowed to work on the beat. That said, the film overlooks these hurdles rather well and the strong performances by Collins and Seybold make these plot holes less obvious.

If you aren’t burned out by zombie films, DEADSIGHT is a strong entry in the subgenre. Focusing on character and setting rather then grossout horror or world ending masses of zombies, DEADSIGHT is a throwback to the smaller NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD style horror films of old.