New On Demand from Small Town Monsters!


Directed by Seth Breedlove
Written by Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke
Starring Lyle Blackburn, Loren Coleman, Ken Gerhard, Allison Jornlin, Chad Lewis, Kevin Nelson, Tobias Wayland
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I’m one of those nuts who believe that there are supernatural things going on in the world. Bigfoot, UFOs, you name it and unless there is proof that they don’t exist, I still think that there is a possibility that they do. The folks at Small Town Monsters have produced another documentary on rural sightings of creatures that cannot be explained. In this case, they are focusing on my home state of Illinois and the various sighting of Unidentified Flying Creatures such as giant Thunderbirds and something that appears to be related to Point Pleasant’s Mothman.

Using computer graphics to animate realistic looking monsters while interviewing experts on cryptids, bloggers, and eye witnesses, TERROR IN THE SKIES does a great job of encapsulating these mysterious monsters of the skies. The film does a great job of keeping the story going, popping from one sighting to the next, and not lingering on boring nighttime investigations that often plague these types of documentaries that rarely give any real results. This doc focuses on the facts, or at least the stories the people who have witnessed them believe to be facts.

Though I have never seen any of these aerial monstrosities, I will definitely keep my eyes peeled. I actually know a few people who attest to having seen a giant bat like creature with huge wings flying around the neighborhoods of Southern Chicago and actively followed the sightings depicted in this film. The doc even plays devil’s advocate and tries to debunk a lot of the sightings as drones, optical illusions, base jumping daredevils, and publicity stunts. Still it leaves the door open for the chance that some of these creatures might actually exist.

So keep your eyes to the skies Chicagoans! You never know what kind of monsters might be flying right over head. I know after watching this well produced doc, I’ll be looking up more often for the off chance to catching a glimpse of something strange.