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HIGH MOON (2018)

Directed by Josh Ridgway
Written by Josh Ridgway
Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Chad Michael Collins, Matthew Tompkins, James Wlcek, Chelsea Edmundson, Farah White, Ted Ferguson, Declan Joyce, Chad Law, Grant James, Mark Hanson, April Hartman, Todd Jenkins, Grace Montie, Pete O. Partida, Grant James, Mark Hanson, April Hartman, Todd Jenkins, Grace Montie, Pete O. Partida, Jenin Gonzalez, Kim Foster, Larry Jack Dotson, Tom Zembrod, Stephanie West, Hans Hernke, Richard Jackson, Kamryn Poole, Mike Lobo Daniel, Ty Tornes, Chad Halbrook, Caroline Kristiahn, Zalika Thomas, Westin Poole, Joe Carpenter, Jonathan Hayes, Brigitte Dugas
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Lower tier high concept takes like zombie dentists or vampire waiters can be fun as long as there is the proper tone and there’s some kind of likable factor at play. That’s why HIGH MOON works. They take a simple werewolf concept, mix it with cowboys, and you know what? It entertained me for an hour and a half.

When a group of uncatchable and seemingly unkillable werewolf outlaws are gunned down under the light of the moon by silver bullet gunslinger Colt (Chad Michael Collins), but not before one of the wolfy wranglers bites Colt. Buried in the middle of the desert, the gang along with Colt rise from the grave 100-plus years later to wreak havoc on a quiet Midwestern town, watched over by Sheriff Ethan Hardy (Matthew Tompkins), who doesn’t believe in any of this werewolf shit.

This is a straight up goofy horror movie and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The actors are taking things seriously and giving their all, though I’ve definitely seen better acting. The direction and story is capable in a simplistic and comic booky way, honoring old school tropes from both old westerns and classic horror films. It’s not a film that is going to knock the socks off of you, but it will entertain. There are plenty of fun and capable werewolf and gore effects. And there’s even a nice little love story tossed in, though it’s most likely the weakest aspect of the film. Decent practical effects and some fine claw slashings are going to satisfy the effects freaks out there. HIGH MOON is a nice time-waster of a film.