Here’s a fan film of note. While we most likely will never see this matchup in a real-deal film, Luke Pedder took the psychopathic bull by the horns and made MICHAEL VS. JASON: EVIL EMERGES, a fan film that will be embraced by fans of the 80’s slasher films. What the film lacks in depth and insight into the two horror icons and what makes them so alike and different, it does make up in sheer, hardcore action and truly impressive effects. Personally, I would love to see a film delving into the psyches of these two modern monsters. Physically, they’re pretty evenly matched—though I feel Jason’s brute force is his best asset while Michael has more of a stealthy ninja style mastered, and all of that is featured prominently here. Sure, it feels that all we need is a wrestling ring and a giant donut of screaming fans around the whole fight, but I really liked this mashup below! You can follow the filmmakers on Instagram here!