So after finishing my first JUNGLE BOOK miniseries as Zenescope, I was asked to do a fill in arc on the company’s flagship title GRIMM FAIRY TALES featuring their lead character Sela Mathers. Series writer Raven Gregory left Sela in a predicament, apprehended by the police and sent to prison. So I had to pick up where he left off—introducing the powerful, but self-loathing Sela to a life of confinement. But as this series proceeded, it turns out that this prison is anything but ordinary as it houses criminals that rival her own powers. Taking on evil prison guards, loathsome inmates, and the psychologically demanding solitary confinement, Sela must solve a mystery and decide whether or not she is worthy to fight for her life or not.

This was the first time I had the awesome opportunity to write a pre-existing character that was owned by someone else. Sure it’s easy to write a version of Kipling’s character since the guy is long since passed. It’s different when you are in frequent contact with the character’s creator and want to do a good job at that. But as usual, my pal Raven Gregory helped me along the way with pointers and support. As a result, this six issue arc became my love letter to all of those classic prison survival movies I watched through the years. While framing it in a prison environment, the story is unique in that it is about a powerful person who has the ability to escape at any time, but chooses not to because she feels she deserves to be there. It’s her inability to answer the call for heroism that eventually teaches her of her worth and gives her something to fight for.

You can still track down a copy of my “Sela Goes to Prison” arc in GRIMM FAIRY TALES Vol.13 on Amazon, Kindle, and Comixology here!