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Directed by Robert D. Krzykowski
Written by Robert D. Krzykowski
Starring Sam Elliott, Aidan Turner, Ron Livingston, Caitlin FitzGerald, Sean Bridgers, Ellar Coltrane, Larry Miller, Anastasia Tsikhanava, Rizwan Manji, Kelley Curran, Alton Fitzgerald White, Silas Archer Gustav as the Dog, & Mark Steger as the Bigfoot!

The ominously titled THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER & THEN THE BIGFOOT is a true oddity of filmmaking. There is no doubt Sam Elliot is amazing as the man himself who accomplished the titular tasks. But while the title might suggest action of the highest order, the film instead is an intimate, melancholy, and heartbreaking dissection of heroism – all set upon the backdrop of the meeting of the most notorious Nazi, the most elusive cryptid, and one simple man.

Do I really need to give a synopsis here? It’s in the title. Taken at face value, everything in the title happens. When we first see Sam Elliot’s Calvin Barr, he’s a broken and weary man. Sure he’s known far and wide for putting a bullet into Hitler’s noggin, but he’s sick of telling that tale and doesn’t think he can live up to the mythic stature adhered to him for having done the deed. We see Barr as a man who one might believe should be riding high and living the good life. Instead he is lonely, drunk, and simply sad. Having peaked at such a young age, what the hell else can he do to top killing Hitler. Well, sure enough, believing all of the hype, the government needs Barr to suit up once again and take on the Bigfoot, which is apparently spreading a virus across Canada. Having trapped the elusive beast in a quarantined mountain range in the Great White North, Barr is dropped in to confront the beast. Can Barr live up to the challenge twice in once lifetime? Is this all going on in his head? Is this all just an allegory on the weight and responsibility our military bring back with them after the war is over? Is the film worth watching?

Well, I hope so. I’m not sure. I think so. And yes.

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