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Directed by Iain Ross-McNamee
Written by Darren Lake, Iain Ross-McNamee, John Wolskel
Starring Katie Goldfinch, Babette Barat, Neil Morrissey, Brian Croucher, Charles O’Neill, Aaron Jeffcoate, Larry Rew, Lisa Martin, Angela Carter, Florence Cady, Phil Hemming, John Stirling, Michael Molcher
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CRUCIBLE OF THE VAMPIRE is a well produced, well acted vampire tale. The only problem is that, for the most part, it forgets to add stuff like scares and gore. I think it would have helped here had the filmmakers paid more attention to chills and thrills, or at least some of the sloppy stuff. But what we get is an expertly crafted, albeit safe horror film.

Katie Goldfinch plays Isabelle, a junior antiquities director working for a museum in England. She is assigned to investigate the discovery of a cauldron in the basement of a castle in the countryside that may date back to witch-hunting times. Upon arriving at the gothic estate, Isabelle meets the creepy caretaker (Larry Rew), his accomodating wife (Babbette Barat), and their odd daughter Scarlett (Florence Cady). With the project taking a few days to properly excavate, Isabelle is shown a room and the nighttime hauntings and nightmares begin, suggesting that this isn’t simply some kind of relic, but a key to the resurrection of an ancient evil.

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