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aka 200 HOURS
Directed by Phillip Guzman
Written by Jason Murphy
Starring Keli Price, Brea Grant, Stephen Ellis, Christine Dwyer, Yasmine Aker, Lukas Gage, James Hoare, Emily Hart, James LaMarr

It’s too bad we aren’t getting yearly A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films because it seems there is a whole lot of films out there that want to be its next incarnation. While SLEEP NO MORE is a decent little thriller with a fun cast, I think it would have made a better script for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET flick than a standalone film about the effects of lack of sleep on people.

It’s the mid-eighties and a group of college kids have volunteered for a new experiment in sleep deprivation. All rife with their own psychoses and traumatic memories, one by one they face these fears as their psyche chips away, leaving them vulnerable to an evil entity bent on destroying them.

Sounds like a synopsis to a good old Freddy film, if you ask me. And all this film needs is a razor glove and a fedora to make it an official Freddy film. It seems people really want to make films centering around nightmares, night terrors, shadow people, and other sleep occurrences. Since sleep deprivation was such a huge part of the first A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (as well as later installments), one can’t be surprised I immediately went to Elm Street while watching SLEEP NO MORE. It does a decent job of capturing that retro-80’s era vibe and the lack of supervision some of these college tests seem to go to—bucking procedure in favor of scientific advancement. The horrors do get pretty palpable as the story goes on with some potent skin shredding, hammer hitting, and demon terrorizing.

SLEEP NO MORE isn’t a bad film. Actress Brea Grant, who is always a welcome addition to any cast, does a great job of channeling Barbara Crampton in this one as she is very reminiscent of Crampton’s reserved role in FROM BEYOND here. The rest of the cast is solid as well, especially the frantic Stephen Ellis who plays a pretty convincing sleep deprived madman. If you’re looking for a mid-level thrillfest dealing with the horrors of sleep, SLEEP NO MORE does the trick. It would just benefit from actually having Freddy in it.

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