M.L. Miller here! Because you and I love the horror so much, I’ve decided to post a “Worth Noting” pick along with each of my “Best of the Best in Horror 2018” choices each day through October. The same rules apply. The film must have been released before September 30th, 2018 to the masses (no festival picks). This means that is available to view in theaters, On Demand, DVD/BluRay, or digital download. I’ve tried to indicate in the reviews how you can watch and enjoy these films.

How did I compile this list? Some of these films have similar themes to their counterparts in the main countdown. Some just missed the countdown by an inch or two. Others were just squozed in because there’s nothing like them out there. Horror is such a broad and varied genre that sometimes, while these choices may not represent the best—something about the film is worth taking notice to and that’s what this series of posts represent. I hope you’ll join me daily and don’t forget to like and share my picks with your pals across the web.

So let’s get to it! Chime in after the review and let me know what you think of the film, how on the nose or mind-numbingly wrong I am, and most importantly, come up with your own darn list…let’s go!

Worth Noting – PRIMAL RAGE!

PRIMAL RAGE is a fantastic survivialist horror film with a memorably monster and a take on Bigfoot that is original and fun. Sure, I liked this film when it was called PREDATOR, but PRIMAL RAGE kicks the dick in of the self-aware and convoluted mess that was this year’s THE PREDATOR. You can check out PRIMAL RAGE here on iTunes and on Amazon!


Directed by Patrick Magee
Written by Jay Lee, Patrick Magee
Starring Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Jameson Pazak, Marshal Hilton, Jim Roof, Blake Johnson, Brandon Gibson, Terry Peay, Tim Martin, Trevor Wright, Scotty Fields, Eloy Casados, Matt Herold, Missa Leighton, Justin Rain, Sasha Shay, Steve Smith, Jackey Neyman Jones, Shannon Malone, Mark Jones

Most of you know, I’m a big, big Bigfoot fan. I want to believe something out there exists and until it is proven, I do enjoy the various takes on Bigfoot depicted in film. While there have been plenty of Bigfoot films out there, finding a good one is much harder. The thing is, though, it seems that lately, we have gotten some pretty well done Bigfoot films such as BobCat Goldthwaite’s WILLOW CREEEK, EXISTS, THE WILDMAN OF THE NAVIDAD, and this year’s BIG LEGEND. This year we got PRIMAL RAGE as well and it is a damn good one.

A couple is intent on having a wonderful hike in the woods, but didn’t count of running into a group of hunters and their prey, a giant, hairy beast known to the locals as the Oh-Mah. Soon, the vacation turns into the ultimate struggle for survival against a beast no man could possibly defeat.

Let’s focus on the good first. This is one of the best looking Bigfoot’s ever put on screen. People have asked why Bigfoot has gone unnoticed for so long. The answer in PRIMAL RAGE is that he is unnoticed because he doesn’t want to be noticed. This Bigfoot is the ultimate stealthy hunter—blending into the environment, utilizing primitive weapons, and not the friendly beast depicted in HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS. In this film, Bigfoot is the Predator and while it might not be the most original of storylines as it basically recreates PREDATOR beat for beat—especially towards the end, it does add a new badass element to the cinematic Bigfoot. This Bigfoot is cunning and savage. It is ruthless and intent on slaughtering anyone who dares enter his woods. It’s a spirit of vengeance, tearing skulls and body parts to shreds. The look and feel of the Bigfoot in this film is truly unique and ultimately brutal—you just have never seen a Bogfoot this badass.

The story itself is rather simple. Man loses girl. Man gets lost in woods. Man finds girl. Couple runs into tough guy Bigfoot hunters. Bigfoot whittles everyone down to man vs. Bigfoot. It’s a simple tale with few twists and turns. Apart from the Bigfoot itself, the wrath he unleashes is savage as hell. This is one gory film and it is amazing because of it. Lots of blood is spattered about and loads of people die. The filmmakers don’t hold back and relish in the fact that this is a monster film with a truly threatening monster.

There are some rough acting bits too and fro. There is also a witch introduced in the story that I feel has some design flaws, making her as much of a monster as the Bigfoot. This over the top imagery makes it hard to take her seriously. Still, PRIMAL RAGE is a fun and daring new take on the Bigfoot film genre and deserves the spotlight as the best Bigfoot film of this and most years.


David Moscow’s DESOLATION

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