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aka 6:15
Directed by Ben Samuels
Written by Ben Samuels
Starring Rosebud Baker, Matt Riker, Ben Samuels, Montana Marks, Amy Rutledge, Jonas Parker, Carol Anne Raffa, Bradford How, Peter Delaurier, Dan McGlaughlin, Ryan Haagen, Matt Hedrick, Kaderra Robinson

EYES OF THE DEAD is one of those films I admire for what it is attempting more than what it actually accomplishes. Filmed as if it were a found footager, EYES OF THE DEAD actually is told from the point of view of the lead character—a farm owner who has been having problems with his wife and just happens to be in the center of what looks to be a zombie apocalypse. This low budget HARDCORE HARRY with Zombies tells the tale through the lead’s eyes, who eludes government agents looking to contain the zombie outbreak and the locals who are becoming the living dead very quickly one bite at a time and it’s just a matter of time that our lead is next for the big undead change.

While a zombie outbreak story isn’t something new, the way this one is told is. Not only do we see the entire thing through the eyes of the lead Eddie (writer/director Ben Samuels), but we also witness his transformation into one of the undead (this is no spoiler, as the opening sequence has Eddie chasing his wife and friends around the house in an undead state). Sure this combines two of the most overused clichés in the last fifteen years in horror (zombies and found footage), but EYES OF THE DEAD sticks to its guns and rolls with this story all the way from start to finish.

On top of it all, it tells a pretty poignant story about a strained marriage. Decently acted by most of the cast, EYES OF THE DEAD is a memorable film, utilizing some clever camera tricks and quite a bit of technical know-how in order to suggest the entire film is one extended, continuous shot from one POV. Again, this is no easy feat and while you most likely have seen something like this film before, I will recommend EYES OF THE DEAD as the technique and skill it took to make is something I have to admire. And I think any film aficionado will feel the same.

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