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Directed and written by Troy Fritz


Directed and written by Tommy Slama

I don’t want to make too much of a habit of lumping a few films together because I feel it’s not really fair to the filmmakers, especially in this case, as it seems the two films are made by two entirely different people. Still, there are consistent themes and since I don’t have a ton to say about either film, I think I’ll do the lumping thing this one time and see if it works oul.

Every film is someone’s first to make and not everyone who makes a film is going for an Oscar. Sometimes, it seems like a film is made simply for the enjoyment of making something with a few buddies at a minimal cost. That pretty much seems to be the case with ALABAMA SASQUATCH and SCARECROWS OF THE THIRD REICH. And while it might not be entertaining to those outside of the inner circle making these films, I can’t help but admire the enthusiasm and love for the horror genre that these no budgeters possess in every frame. No, there isn’t a lot of technical know-how involving creative direction and the acting is beyond amateur. Still, these films move at a rapid pace, often times forgetting the plot, but never giving much time for inconsistencies or moments to reflect on its shortcomings.

SCARECROWS OF THE THIRD REICH seems to have been made by some kind of amateur wrestlers. Through the ambitious film flips back and forth through time from Word War II to present day, no one pays much attention to things like accents and authentic settings. The film seems to revolve around a conspiracy theory about the origins of Hitler’s final plan, Operation Scarecrow. Taken in the literal sense, SCARECROWS OF THE THIRD REICH hypothesizes that this plan was to put Nazi werewolves (themselves the victims of horrific Nazi experimentation) into scarecrow suits in fields waiting to ambush Allied Forces as they saunter through the countryside. The plan isn’t the brainiest, but it does give plenty of time for the burly actors dressed as werewolves, scarecrows, and soldiers to have some good ol’ rassllin’ time. The film is goofy in concept and execution, but still rather fun. Seeing scarecrows and werewolves battle as if they were in the squared circle with punches, kicks, mighty leaps, and flying elbows (along with computerized blood, bullets, and ‘splosions) makes for some no brainer lunacy.

ALABAMA SASQUATCH also mixes horror with Nazi-ism and downhome country atmosphere. This one follows a group of ex-military types who take the war home and are forced to suit up for battle once again when a pair of Sasquatches (one brown and one a white Yeti) descend upon the town with rampant masturbation, pooping, farting, pissing, and screwing. On top of it all, the Nazis want Sasquatch for their own needs and there’s a dope smoking werewolf for no real reason. Expect a lot of sound problems and lowbrow humor. Expect lots of big boobery. Don’t expect gold. Expect a meandering and nonsensical plot. But as with SCARECROWS OF THE THIRD REICH, expect a ton of passion and the notion that this crew had more fun making this film than most Hollywood movies made this year combined.

Other than the friends and family of those who made this, those who absolutely have to see everything, and Nazi/Sasquatch/Scarecrow horror enthusiasts, I can’t really recommend these films to anyone. Still, ALABAMA SASQUATCH and SCARECROWS OF THE THIRD REICH may be the first steps for the new Spielberg—though I sincerely doubt it.

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