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Directed by Charles Webb
Written by Charles Webb
Starring Ed Bowers, Genna Darling, Mike Gleason, Debra Lamb, Trevor O’Donnell, Natasha Talonz as Baby Doll!

Indie horror number two this week is another one full of folks who will most likely never win an Academy Award, but still in the execution and idea department, ALL STRIPPERS MUST DIE aka THE G-STRING HORROR has a lot of positive qualities.

Setting itself up as more of a documentary than an actual film, the story focuses on a movie theater in San Francisco that was turned into a strip club. Set up like a regular episode of GHOST HUNTERS, we are given the facts behind the place’s construction as well as the rich history of paranormal activity that has been occurring there through the years. Through interviews with former employees we find out the sordid history of murder, accidental death, and suicide occurring within the theater and how some of those poor souls may have never left.

Filmmaker Charles Webb is certainly ambitious here, and not above William Castle levels of gimmicky promotion as the DVD cover and the warning before the film provides this disclaimer: “This motion picture is, itself, a conjuration and a talisman designed with the help of a shaman and a priest for the purpose of allowing a particular spirit stuck on this plane of existence to move on. Parts of the film may be disturbing to some audience members and may induce unpredictable paranormal states.” That warning alone is something pretty fun, and throughout the film warnings and alerts scroll across the bottom of the screen alerting us of paranormal things about to happen on the tape. The film becomes somewhat of a fun production of spooky shit actually happening (something you rarely see on the regular ghost hunting shows).

Unfortunately, the filmmakers decide to add a narrative to the mix which proves to be both badly acted and turning the whole thing into a no-budget horror film. It’s too bad, because the first half of the film is actually filled with haunting recreations and spooky stories of a stripper who took her own life, another who was murdered, and a maintenance man who dies of a heart attack in the basement and then is stuck to the floor when the septic tank overflows, literally searing the corpse to the floor with feces and leaving his shadow forever stained into the floor. I know, right? Pretty fucked up story, right there.

So while the last half falls completely apart, the first half makes up for it in mood and creepy stories. There are quite a few scenes mixing horror with strippers with extremely large fake boobs which might work some folks up, but didn’t do much for me. As is, ALL STRIPPERS MUST DIE aka THE G-STRING HORROR starts out teasing as a nice homage to ghost hunter shows, but ends like that “what did I just waste my time and money” feeling one often gets when leaving a strip club.

Beware, this trailer’s got boobies! NSFW!

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