M.L. Miller aka Ambush Bug here. On this episode of our latest and greatest podcast, the still absent Rob Patey bows out and leaves CultPop host Johnny Destructo to recruit Noel and lil’ ol’ me to check in on some emails, and eventually get around to talking about comics; ACTION COMICS #1002 (w – Brian Michael Bendis, a – Patrick Gleason, 14:15), TEEN TITANS #21 (w – Adam Glass, a – Bernard Chang, 37:55), BATMAN: KINGS OF FEAR #1 (w – Scott Peterson, a – Kelley Jones, 50:45), COLD SPOTS #1 (w – Cullen Bunn, a – Mark Torres, 57:40), PUNISHER #1 (w – Matt Rosenberg, Zsymon Kudranski,1:09:00), & THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: DEAD ENDS #1 (w – Charles Soule, a – Ramon Rosanas, 01:23:30)!

As always, that sweet, sweet jack@$$ery is sporked in for no extra charge!

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