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Directed by Biray Dalkiran
Written by Biray Dalkiran, Safak Güçlü
Starring Angela Durazo, Nathan Schellerup, Malinda Farrington, Danny Winn, Katy Bentz, Chad Ayers, Kristine Hayworth, Krystal Tini, Marqus Bobesich, Sofia Domingues, Lou Cariffe, Mignon Farmani, Lidia Pryor, Rina Johnson, Shaina Schmid

I’m all for taking an old concept, dusting it off and trying something new with it. Hell, that’s kind of what HEREDITARY did and it’s lighting the horror world up like an inferno. Unfortunately, you also have to add something else to the mix in order to be more than just a copy. THE CROSSBREED, like HEREDITARY, borrows heavily from ROSEMARY’S BABY, but doesn’t add the other elements, nuances, and talent of the latter.

Intrepid reporter Amy (Angela Durazo) finds out she is pregnant with her co-worker John’s (Nathan Schellerup) baby…er-babies, as she finds out she actually has twin buns in the oven. Not wanting to have a pair of screaming kids at this time in her life, she opts to get an abortion from a back alley abortionist/veterinarian. Coincidentally, of course, Amy and John take an assignment to investigate cult activity involving Lilith, supposed bride of Lucifer, destined to birth the Anti-Christ. Recovering from the abortion and not wanting her boyfriend John to know about any of it, Amy struggles with the guilt and the increasing feeling that unknown forces are circling around her.

First off, it’s my belief that Lilith was the first woman who temped and failed to win over Adam in the Garden of Eden. Maybe I’m not up on my mythology, but I believe I’ve seen numerous movies lately supporting this one. THE CROSSBREED takes some liberties with these myths, which is fine, but it’s making me want to do more research on the subject to see what’s what.

Nevertheless, THE CROSSBREED isn’t a great film. Technically, it’s a roughly edited and poorly sounded film. The version I saw, which was a reviewers copy, had really bad sound where speaking parts were overwhelmed by dramatic music and sound effects. On top of that, the film has a wonky MTV/SE7EN style of a constantly moving camera and punctuated by harsh edits that proved to be way too distracting for my tastes. On the other hand, the acting isn’t great either so those distractions might have been on purpose.

I want to say some good things about this film as it is a low budgeter and I like to support them. There are some monstrous images that resonated such as a demon baby thing that crawls across the floor with a long tail and a nightmare scene where Amy’s aborted fetuses are seen sizzling in a frying pan. By comparing it to ROSEMARY’S BABY and reading the synopsis above, you should be able to piece together the big “twystery” in THE CROSSBREED. But the amateur directing, editing, sound, and acting really undercuts everything else in THE CROSSBREED.

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