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Directed by Tyler Savage
Written by Tyler Savage
Starring Chase Joliet, Sara Montez, Dale Dickey, Drew Powell, Jim Ortlieb, Krisha Fairchild, Tim Abell, Ashley Spillers, Kate Norby, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Murphy Dunne, Sebastian Sozzi, Lauri Johnson, Alex Dobrenko, Jake Carpenter, Julie Ivey, Paul Henri, Shawn H. Smith, Vincent Van Horn, Kevin Kolmogorov, Olympia Garcia, Cassandra Wilson
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More of a psychological dramatic thriller than an out and out horror attempt, INHERITANCE is a dour and dread filled tale of personal struggle that may not be the feel good film of the year, but it still is confidently made and acted.

Ryan (Chase Joliet) has just found out that his estranged father has passed away and he has been left the house his father owned. With his newly pregnant girlfriend Isi (the charming Sara Montez), Ryan moves in and almost immediately overcome with depression and an undeniable “off” feeling about the house the longer he stays in it. An ominous note from his father telling him to sell the house immediately and some run ins with some eccentric locals (GOTHAM’s Drew Powell and Krisna Fairchild) begin to clue Ryan in on the type of man his father used to be and the more he finds out, the more it endangers himself and his family.

INHERITANCE is a highly soulful little movie. It doesn’t have big time effects or any explosions, but it does a deft job at showing how one’s personal demons and history can chip away at one’s psychosis. Joliet does a fantastic job of capturing seething and brooding tension much like Jack Torrence’s descent into madness in THE SHINING. There are hints that something has been off with his character Ryan since childhood as hinted at by conversations seen with his sister, but the acquisition of this house seems to have been the thing that pushes him over the edge. Joliet doesn’t go over the top and this film does a great job of capturing his ever-building, quiet, yet deafening silent rage. This entire movie balances on the shoulders of Joliet and he does a great job of supporting and communicating these complex emotions that could make you hate the lead if he weren’t so sympathetic and likable.

His costar Sara Montez who plays girlfriend Isi is another bright shining star on the rise. Here she offers up the tough role of seeing the one she loves fall apart and not knowing what to do about it. Background players like Drew Powell, who plays Butch on GOTHAM, is fun as the cousin Ryan never knew he had and Krishna Fairchild is soulful as the neighbor who knows some key things about Ryan’s father. All of these actors deliver powerful performances which make up for the lower budget.

With long shots of shadowy beaches, stormy skies, and a darkness drenched house, INHERITANCE conveys a somber story. Reminiscent of the silent but powerful fury captured in BLUE RUIN, the film tightens like a guitar string through most of the film and when that string is tightened too much, the break is rather impactful. The finale of INHERITANCE is brutal and filled with dark suspense. This film deals with dark secrets hidden away and unearthed in a deft, mature, and confident hand by filmmaker Tyler Savage. INHERITANCE is a film for the patient and those who like drama with heavy doses of dread.

Inheritance Trailer from Tyler Savage on Vimeo.

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