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Directed by Jason Winn
Written by Jonathan W. Hickman, Maggie D. Hickman, Jason Winn
Starring Sara Bess, Evan Taylor Williams, Melissa Kunnap, Jared Sullivan, Pedro Ferreira, Rich Robertson

I’ve been to a rave or two in my time and never really had much fun at them. I always found myself waking up the next day hating all of the decisions I’ve made and telling myself I’d never do that again. But some people have fun with them, so I guess that’s good for them. RAVE PARTY MASSACRE, which is also called DEADTHIRSTY for some reason isn’t anything to rave about. It’s your typical trapped and desperate movie about a bunch of ravers who are dosed and wake up in a locked and abandoned hospital. Also, a masked man is stalking them with an axe.

While the initial setting is mildly interesting, RAVE PARTY MASSACRE never really takes advantage of it. The idea of a killer moving through a crowd killing those too deafened by the music and out of it from drugs is kind of cool and might be a nice statement about how people are so much into their own little worlds that they literally don’t notice the horror going on around them. But while there is a rave in this film, it only goes on for about the first fifteen minutes. The rest of the film is your typical trapped and stalked film with the five survivors making their way through an empty building and trying not to get caught by the killer. On top of it all, there really isn’t anyone worth rooting for here. The couple we follow at the beginning seem to hate one another, so much that not five minutes into the rave, one is off fucking someone else with another making the moves on the dance floor. This isn’t the way to make your characters sympathetic and only made me want to see them axed with a quickness.

There are some decently paced chases. There’s a nice scene where someone is trapped in a small space that resonates on a claustrophobic level. And I guess the dance and drug bits are done well with some nice trippy lights and editing. There’s skill behind this one in terms of style, but the story is lacking. In the end. RAVE PARTY MASSACRE feels way to typical for me to…*I’ve gotta do it*…rave about.

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