M.L. Miller formerly known as Ambush Bug here. Kristian Horn runs the excellent Part-Time Fanboy Podcast focusing on all things geek with a cadre of this pals—part of the time, of course. I try to participate when I can. Here’s what Kristian has to say about his latest podcast; SPOILERS! Almost thirty years ago The Infinity Gauntlet comic mini-series elevated the Marvel villain Thanos to almost god-like status and made him one of the biggest bads of all comicdom. Six years ago, Thanos was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of an end credit scene at the end of the first Avengers movie. This past weekend the Marvel movies finally paid off the promise of that end credit scene with possibly the most ambitious superhero movie yet. Avengers: Infinity War took the weekend box office by storm and left fans sitting in theaters in stunned silence by the end of its two and a half hour running time. This week Kristian sits down with friends Paul Edwards, Reyna Velarde, Yvis Cannavale (from our recent Justice League episode), and Miguel Cima (of Dig Comics) to talk about the latest Marvel movie to hit theaters. Does Infinity War offer the climax that Marvel fans have been anticipating for ten years? Or does the promise of Infinity War suffer a cowardly death on the battlefield? Find out in this episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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