M.L. Miller formerly known as Ambush Bug here. Kristian Horn runs the excellent Part-Time Fanboy Podcast focusing on all things geek with a cadre of this pals—part of the time, of course. I try to participate when I can. Here’s what Kristian has to say about his latest podcast; SPOILERS! Last year Warner Bros. released their follow up to Batman v Superman in the shadow of the roaring success of the Wonder Woman movie. Fans were hopeful that the direction that Patty Jenkins‘s film took signaled the beginnings of a better DC cinematic universe. Unfortunately, the production was troubled from the outset and tragic circumstances led to the director, Zack Snyder, having to leave the project before it was fully completed. Nerd favorite and Avengers craftsman Joss Whedon stepped in to finish off the movie but even Whedon could not save it from becoming a box office and critical disappointment. With Infinity War fast approaching and Justice League having just been released on home video, Kristian decided it was time to check out the latest movie that was Warner Bros.’s Direct Competition to the Marvel films. Kristian sat down with Corey Blake and their friends Josh Ripley, Yvis Cannavale, and Dave Roderick to watch the movie that finally brought together live action versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg to the big screen for the first time! Was it the Apocalyptic disaster that many fans claimed it was? Or did it continue the course correction that Wonder Woman began earlier in 2017? Find out in this episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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