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Directed by Billy Lewis
Written by Billy Lewis
Starring Donny Boaz, Cari Moskow, Reid Doyle, Ariana Baron, Arielle Breslerman, Shane Callahan, Eric Johann, Karen Labbe, Devin McGee, Tracy McMullan, Maureen Mountcastle, Martyn Woleben
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There seems to be a maternity ward full of pregnancy horror coming out right now. STILL/BORN was just released. As was the remake of INSIDE. Pregnancy even factors into the new film A QUIET PLACE. Films of this sort seem to never grow old as young filmmakers are most likely in the time of their lives that they themselves are having children and feeling the pressures and fears of having a child and also getting started with their careers in order to provide for these offspring.

THE TERRIBLE TWO copes with such a dilemma as a young couple, very pregnant, decide to buy a house, not knowing about its history of paranormal phenomenon, especially when is comes to having a pair of children living in the home. When the two daughters mysteriously die, the parents are understandably overwhelmed by grief, but they deal with it in their own ways. The husband tries to press on and forage ahead while the mother can’t seem to let them go and goes so far as to believe the children are still in the house in some form.

THE TERRIBLE TWO is a no budget horror film with zero effects and actors that some might call not-ready-for-prime-time. The script calls for the actors to emote in ways the cast simply cannot reach and add that to the fact that the film is not scary in the least, it makes seeking this film out a futile effort for those looking for quality horror. On top of that, the film has a weird Christian slant to it that feels out of place, clumsily handled, and oddly shoehorned in. Dialog like “I keep asking the Lord why he took my babies away and he just doesn’t answer me.” And things like that make this film like an oddly Christian ghost story, which kind of contradicts itself in its execution. In the end, the film wraps up unsatisfyingly, tossing the brunt of the blame on one of the parents when, in fact, the film is more about a haunted house than bad parenting.

Misguided, underacted, shoddily executed, and muddily told, THE TERRIBLE TWO is a film you should think twice about taking a chance with.

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