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Directed by Mark Newton
Written by Christian Hokenson, Mark Newton, Stephan Stromer, Daniel Wood
Starring Timothy Haug, Kaitlin Mesh, Miles Doleac, Wyntergrace Williams, Megan Few, Michael Emery, Moses J. Moseley, Escalante Lundy, Susan McPhail, Michael Joiner, Kiyomi Fukazawa, Clay Acker, Montana Byrd, Scotty Whitehurst, Johnny McPhail, Michael LaCour, Laura Warner, Bill Luckett, Dakota Byrd, Joshua Powell, J D Rogers, Bruce Penton, Miller Greenlee, Dale Mcnair
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While it is a far cry from THE WALKING DEAD or any Romero zombie film, ATTACK OF THE SOUTHERN FRIED ZOMBIES is a fun, low budgeter with a lot of heart. Because of that, it makes me give it a pass for all of the low budget hang ups.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing a documentary about Kudzu and how the plant basically overwhelmed everything else in its path, engulfing trees, power lines, and just about any building. I always thought there was an idea for a horror movie in there somewhere. Unfortunately, instead of really diving into making some potent horror about a plant that overcomes everything (sort of like the underrated THE RUINS from a few years ago), ATTACK OF THE SOUTHERN FRIED ZOMBIES decides to go a bit more of a rudimentary path as a scientific organization attempts to get rid of the kudzu, but only makes it stronger. The plant mutates and begins turning people who consume it into flesh eating zombies.

The acting is pretty flat. The direction is mundane. The effects are fun when they are nice and splattery and practical, but of course the CG stuff is awful. ATTTACK OF THE SOUTHERN FRIED ZOMBIES redeems itself because it has a sense of humor and despite some rough deliveries, really does have fun with the zombie mayhem. And there’s a sort of heart throughout the film that I wasn’t expecting, making it more watchable than most brainless zombie jaunts. In many ways, ATTACK OF THE SOUTHERN FRIED ZOMBIES is your typical scare-free horror film you might see on ScyFy, but at least it is one with heart.

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