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Directed by Bryan Coyne
Written by Bryan Coyne
Starring Brea Grant, Graham Skipper, Andrea Collins, Alycia Lourim, Hannah Prichard, Danielle Reverman, Heather Vaughn, Richard Riehle
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A pair of extremely likable performances doesn’t save the extraneous BAD APPLES—a film in desperate need of a good, solid edit.

Brea Grant and Graham Skipper play a young married couple moving into a suburban neighborhood. Grant plays a teacher, looking forward to beginning school, while her husband takes residence at a local hospital. The couple are too concerned about unpacking to bother to remember that they are moving into the home on Halloween night. Meanwhile, a pair of masked girls begin a murder spree that begins in school, rampages through the neighborhood, and ends up on the couple’s doorstep. Trapped and alone, Grant must use her wits to try to get out of the house alive.

Somewhere in BAD APPLES, there’s a decent movie. The film has two great genre leads. Graham Skipper has popped up all over the place-from ALMOST HUMAN to the upcoming DOWNRANGE and always gives a likable and strong performance, as he does here as the husband. Brea Grant takes the lead in BAD APPLES after paying her dues as backup characters in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 and HEROES and handles the responsibility with deft skill. Grant is instantly likable and makes it easy to root for her when the brats attack. The banter between Grant and Skipper feels natural and fun, almost improvisational. If you were to see this movie, Skipper and Grant are the reasons to do so.

Unfortunately, this film is horrendously overwritten. Scenes go on and on with seemingly no point at all other than to fill space. Huge portions of the interactions between Skipper and Grant could be cut away and it would make for a much tighter movie. Virtually every conversation in this film goes on far too long—a sure sign that the filmmaker Bryan Coyne (who also directed the recent INFERNAL and helped produce THE HUMAN RACE from a few years ago) is way too much in love with his words to cut them. This is an eighty minute film, but if you cut out the fatty matter in the script, it probably would only clock in at 40. To add insult to injury, we are treated to a useless epilogue of the film where one character literally retells the entire movie scene by scene. The only thing worse than having to sit through these worthless scenes is having them retold to you again before the credits.

I like some of the stuff going on with BAD APPLES. The images of the two killer kids is striking, though very reminiscent of THE STRANGERS and more recently TRAGEDY GIRLS. And Skipper and Grant show that they can carry a movie on charm alone. But there’s a lot of wasted time with BAD APPLES and I fear it most likely will be a waste of your time if you decide to check it out.

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