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Directed by Maxwell Frey, Derek Gibbons
Written by Maxwell Frey, Derek Gibbons
Starring Kristen Martin, Clint Keepin, Maxwell Frey, Derek Gibbons, Cirocco Dunlap, Aldous Davidson, Danielle Grace, Katie Hawthorne, Holland Kemp, Courtney Maginnis, Adam Maid, Chris Prine, Dominic Reno, Greg Stees, Maria Wojciechowski
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While I don’t know what the scene is like in Brooklyn, I feel I know quite a bit about the popular “hipster” culture having lived in the Wicker Park area of Chicago for the last half decade. PSYCHOTIC!: A BROOKLYN SLASHER FILM does seem to represent this rather annoying, yet pervasive culture, if not in a good light, an accurate one. And as slasher films were born to punish the youth culture for their transgressions, I feel the hipster/trust fund/millennial culture definitely deserve to have their own special brand of punishment.

A group of Brooklyn twentysomethings are targeted by a mask wearing slasher. The film follows a group of these kids as they party, drink, smoke weed, don’t work, dream of being in a rock band, and avoid paying rent—all the while blaming each other for their problems and taking not even a whiff of responsibility for their own selfish actions. So there’s a slasher out there taking the responsibility in his/her own blade brandishing hands.

While the bulk of this film is made in a tongue and cheek fashion, the film does show a rather honest and cynical look at twentysomething entitlement and the microscopic size of their musings/passions/problems/excuses. While Jason seemed to be the big government boogieman fighting against pre-marital sex and drugs, this slasher seems to be the responsibility police of today, murdering people who shuck rent, cheat on their partners, and basically treat all of their so called friends like shit. It’s fun seeing this evolution at play in PSYCHOTIC! and while the film is definitely done as a farce and not necessarily made to be taken too seriously, it does shed a rather negative light on a section of modern culture pretty deftly.

The film opens with a fun POV scene, a la HALLOWEEN, and handles quite a few of the fear sequences rather well, so if these filmmakers were interested in making a more serious horror film, I’d definitely be game to watch it. The acting is decent and there were definitely some moments that will induce a chuckle, chortle, or titter, or all three. Reminiscent of STUDENT BODIES—another slasher satire that most likely none of the cast of this film has seen, PSYCHOTIC! wasn’t made to be taken seriously, but it does act as a solid satire on the millennial/trust fund/hipster culture and all of the negative crap that represents. Fun, breezy horror comedy is in store if you take a shot with PSYCHOTIC! A BROOKLYN SLASHER FILM.

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