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Directed by Chris Kemble, J.P. Davidson
Written by Chris Kemble, Brian Teles
Starring Sophie Hopkins, Margaret O’Sullivan, Elaine Kennedy, Joe Kennard, D.J. McGrath, Bertie Brosnan, Kieran Baker, Helena O’Connor

BRACKENMORE is a short but effective take on small town secrets and the occult reminiscent of films like KILL LIST and THE WICKER MAN (the original, not the bees).

When Kate (the beautiful Sophie Hopkins) finds out she has inherited a house in the small town of Brackenmore, Ireland, she is excited to connect with a past she does not remember. But soon after moving in, Kate begins seeing and hearing odd things in the simple home. The danger seems to multiply when Kate is accosted after the village celebration. As masked stalkers surround the house, it becomes abundantly clear that being a stranger in Brackenmore is proving to be very dangerous for our plucky heroine.

Not sporting a huge budget, filmmakers Chris Kemble and JP Davidson rely on establishing a powerful atmosphere and some great acting from Hopkins to make this viewer invest in Kate’s well being and be chilled by her dark and twisted surroundings. It’s evident right from the get-go that there is a lot of danger around Kate (it is a horror movie, after all) and the paranoia escalates when some creepy masked folks show up and some side-eyes are thrown Kate’s way from the locals. This is all coordinated in a subtle and subdued way, lulling the reader in before pulling the rug out from under them and Kate in the final fifteen minutes.

The film sports some strong acting, specifically from the tough but likable Hopkins who has moments of kickass fury, but also is able to show a sympathetic side. Clocking in at a mere hour 10 minutes, BRACKENMORE is a short and sweet film that waits until the very end to really identify itself as truly horrifying. Some won’t have the patience for this one, but if you do, you’ll want to look out for this backwoods occult shocker.

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