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Directed by Tyler Amm
Written by Tyler Amm, Virginia Campbell
Starring Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Alex Dittmer, Mike Behrens, Lisa Wojcik, Devon Ford, Joe Buckley, Nicholas Swartz, Renée Renhölder, Dan Churney, Tyler Amm, Chris Aubry, Andrew Baker, Patrick Campbell, Micheal Conner, Zander Dziedzic, Kelly Johnson, Pawel Kaniewski, Sara Koziol, Trevor McCandless, Eva Meyer, Dave Roden, Kat Skinner, Scot Smigel, Ashley York
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A pair of slackers who own a bakery find themselves the pawns in a battle between a rampaging grim reaper and other godly (and ungodly forces). Imbued with the power to take down the reaper, Sam and Martin must try to accept responsibility in order to save their home town.

Basically, this is a horror comedy that is heavier on the comedy. That’s not a bad thing, though personally I prefer it to be the other way around. BUTCHER THE BAKERS plays as a sort of BILL & TED, though Ryan Matthew Ziegler and Sean Walsh aren’t at likable, as these two guys bumble their way to heroism. But if you’re really looking for a comparison, BUTCHER THE BAKERS wants really much to be like IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILIDELPHIA with self-absorbed characters speaking quickly and caring very little about the damage they wrought around them. The biggest problem here is that they simply aren’t as funny or charming as “The Gang” on IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY. There are moments of cleverness and sometimes even a hearty laugh popped out of me while watching, but with the degree of want this film possesses to be an extended IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY episode, it really does pale in comparison.

BUTCHER THE BAKERS is a light-hearted low budgeter that has good intentions. I would call it a solid effort that makes me curious about what the filmmakers have up their sleeve next. I would rather the crew, though, try to form their own voice rather than try to ape others.

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