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Directed by Thomas Jakobsen
Written by Thomas Jakobsen, Justin S. Monroe
Starring Zack Gold, Jason Tobias, Bennett Viso, Bob Turton, Jake Crumbine, James C. Burns, Cooper Harris, George Ketsios, Michael Mercurio, Rachel Clentworth, Gary Kraus, Jimbo Barnett
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A heroin addict named Michael (Zack Gold) is trying to prepare for a wedding and kick the habit, but keeps finding himself pulled into the world of drugs. When he misses his own bachelor party because of his “work,” Michael’s buds literally swipe him up and whisk him to the middle of the woods for an impromptu camping trip. What the rest of the group don’t know is that Michael has stolen a large sum of cash from a dealer and when the bodies start falling in the woods, it seems Michael’s “work” has followed him on this vacation.

I am going to give THE UNRAVELING credit for trying something different. This horror film within a film about addiction that slips back into a horror film is full of twists and turns, so it will definitely keep people on their toes. I think the folks behind the film really do a good job at playing a little sleight of hand with the viewer and making it all feel as if anything can happen once Michael and his friends make it into the woods.

The problem is that I feel the final act of the film wraps things up way too cleanly and innocuously for my liking. Without revealing too much, I think that the final surprise could have been revealed in the second act, with a third act focusing on what is used as a post credits sequence in the final film. I feel that this story, as a whole, just wasn’t realized to its maximum potential and too much is reliant on one big revelation.

That said, the acting is pretty great across the board. Gold really is a standout and will most likely have a strong career ahead of him, as he really does a convincing job of playing a person struggling with addiction and trying to hide if from those he loves and cares about. The scenery is beautiful and at the same time it becomes pretty atmospheric once the sun goes down. There’s a lot to like about THE UNRAVELING. I think the themes, performance, and atmosphere is extremely strong. I just wish more thought would have been put into the story as a whole and the way it all wraps up.

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