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Agatha Christie’s PIOROT: DEATH ON THE NILE (2004)

Directed by Andy Wilson
Written by Agatha Christie (novel), Kevin Elyot (screenplay)
Starring David Suchet, James Fox, Emma Griffiths Malin, JJ Feild, Emily Blunt, Judy Parfitt, Daisy Donovan, Barbara Flynn, Daniel Lapaine, David Soul, Frances de la Tour, Zoe Telford, Alastair Mackenzie, Steve Pemberton, George Antoni, Elodie Kendall, Félicité Du Jeu

Of the three Piorot mysteries in the first volume of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S PIOROT Mysteries, DEATH ON THE NILE is by far my favorite. With a stellar cast, a compelling mystery, and Piorot at his most badass, this is the cream of the crop if you’re into old school mysteries.

Even on holiday, Piorot can’t help but stumble into some kind of murder mystery. On a trip down the Nile, a newlywed couple Lynnette and Simon (Emily Blunt and JJ Feild) is tailed by his jilted lover Jacqueline (Emma Griffiths Malin). But when Lynnette experiences numerous “accidents” endangering her life, Piorot believes someone is trying to kill her. Once on the boat, a murder occurs and Piorot is on the case to find out just who is the killer.

The stellar cast from top to bottom makes this one a Piorot mystery to seek out. Blunt’s character is hoighty, yet her predicament is sympathetic, as is Malin’s how is the jilted lover and it’s understandable that she is having a bad time at getting over someone she has had a competition with for ages. Feild is equally good as Simon, the man in the middle who seems to be understanding of both women’s hurt feelings as they fight over him. And David Soul lends some heavyweight acting here as a businessman who would profit off of a death that happens to occur on the Nile.

This one also has a fantastic hand with a gun popping out of nowhere just to murder someone sequence and a devious little explanation to the murder provided in the denouement by Piorot. Suchet is excellent here and especially badass in his confidence that the culprits have challenged the wrong sleuth. His final line in the film hits like a sledge hammer and made me laugh out loud at how utterly committed and powerful Suchet is as the moustachioed detective. If you’re looking for an entertaining mystery that proves how awesome Christie’s Piorot is, MURDER ON THE NILE is it!

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