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Directed by Edward Martin III
Written by Edward Martin III
Starring Jodi Altendorf, Drew Barrios, Jim Becker, Anne Carr, Chase Fulton, Liberty Harbour Swallow, Rex Irae, Brian Jones, Bill Kelley, Kevin M. Kirk, Gil Luna, Richard Mann, Mad Martian, Matthew Martin, Tom Moorman, Heather Rose Pearson, Ron Richardson, Susan Spencer, Tara Walker, Shannon Wills
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FLESH OF MY FLESH is a no budget, DIY zombie fest with amateur acting, poor lighting, sound, and CG. Nevertheless, FLESH OF MY FLESH is an ambitious film with an expansive story and a love for the genre that cannot be denied.

A trio of soldiers make their way into a town looking for survivors before the whole thing is blown to smithereens by the military. They happens upon a group of scientists who have been surviving in a warehouse lab, mainly because none of the zombies know they are there. After their helicopter is shot down, the soldiers are reluctantly rescued by the scientists, who fear the altruistic move will blow their cover. Sure enough, it did. The zombies have evolved though. While some are mindless drones, other are able to eat the brains of humans and gain sentience and self awareness. With the zombies growing in mass and getting smarter, it seems there is no escape for the team of scientists and soldiers as they attempt to make it to the border of the city before it is destroyed by the military.

So while this is a zombie flick, this is also a military mission movie where there is a ticking time clock counting down and adding and building tension. This aspect of the film works pretty well and shows that the filmmakers, despite a lack of budget, are able to convey that successfully. I also liked how much this film does with so little. There is a pretty great sequence done with trick photography where the zombies crawl up the side of a building and burst through a wall that is reminiscent of the iconic nightmare scene from DAY OF THE DEAD, but also quite ingeniously unique in amping the ever building tension. I also like the risks of changing up the iconic zombies that have been the same since Romero’s first shamble took its first steps.

Look past the rough edges of FLESH OF MY FLESH and you’ll find a pretty solid work of zombie fun. It’s an example of how a little passion and ingenuity can make up for a lack of budget any old day.

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