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Directed by Ben Sledge
Written by Ben Sledge
Starring Dan Franko
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I’m a little late at covering this one, but if you have a few inutes to check out THE RECURSION THEOREM, I sincerely recommend you do so. A man finds himself trapped in a decadent and well decorated room full of ominous paintings, a roaring fire, some fine liquor, and a chair. Monologuing to himself about the weird situation he is in and eventually enjoying the fact that if he runs off screen he shows up on the other side. The effect gets old after a while and the man eventually realizes the dire situation he is trapped in.

Slicing and dicing away all of the extraneous explanations, THE RECURSION THEOREM is a concise and enthralling dive into a pool of insanity and paranoia. Dan Franko is excellent as an unconventional, yet likable lead. His metamorphosis from an easy going guy to a sweat-speckled lunatic is a convincing one and his likability at the beginning really lets you cheer for him, even when things get manic.

With some simple edits and split screen work, Sledge does a fantastic job of making this elaborate and eloquent room feel like a prison by the sudden, yet impactful end. This is a fantastic little number, well worth watching. In fact, you can check it out below, right now!