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Directed by Michael Rae
Written by Franne Schacht, Frank Ray Perilli
Starring Kim Milford, Cheryl Smith, Gianni Russo, Ron Masak, Dennis Burkley, Barry Cutler, Mike Bobenko, Eddie Deezen, Keenan Wynn, Roddy McDowall, Rick Walters, Simmy Bow, Joanna Lipari, Wendy Wernli, Michael Barrere, Steve Neill, Melinda Wunderlich, Franne Schacht, Eric Jenkins, Janet Dey

Stop motion effects, bumbling cops, sci fi hijinkery, Roddy McDowall, bad makeup, and the incomparable Eddie Deezen. That’s what to expect from LASERBLAST, an early Charles Band production full of cheese and fun.

LASERBLAST opens with a zombie-like creature trying to get away from two lizard-like aliens with laser blasters. On the zombie-creature’s hand is a blaster of some sort. After the aliens eliminate the zombie to dust, they board their spaceship and make their getaway. Switch scenes to a party dude named Billy (Kim Milford) who likes rock n’ roll, fast cars, and his groovy girlfriend Kathy (Cheryl Smith). After Billy happens upon a glowing diamond and the blaster, he bonds with it and while sleeping Billy takes out his frustrations on anyone within blasting distance. With the feds and some bumbling cops on the trail, Billy’s blasting alter ego blows up newsstands, mailboxes, and outhouses with terrific force.

What I really liked about LASERBLAST is the way it plays around with one’s perception of who the good and bad guys are. Is it the zombie with the laser for a hand or is it the shell-less turtle aliens following him. Billy isn’t a bad guy, just a clueless one, but while there is some awful acting, awkward action, and there’s an interesting dichotomy playing out between good and evil in this film that is more sophisticated than one would think.

Of course, there’s some awful stuff going on in this one as well. The dialog is beyond bad, as is the acting. Sure you get an appearance by Roddy McDowall as an inquisitive doctor and Ron Masak as the Sheriff, but for every elder actor performance comes a painful scene with Eddie Deezen or some amateur no-name trying to emote. The story, while textured with some decent themes, is repetitive as all get out with Billy transforming and blowing inanimate objects up over and over.

The stop motion is impressive and I love the little baa and maa sounds they make communicating with one another. It’s also kind of fun seeing this film accentuate the explosions with super slo mo. LASERBLAST is another dumb fun masterpiece. If you’re into genre films, it’s got something to love and a lot to become annoyed with.

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